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Alarm Systems

We monitor most existing systems or  install a new Smart System.In many cases, we can  hook up your existing  security contacts. 

Glass Break Detection

Shattering glass makes a sound, but not a door or window sensor. Our glass break detectors respond to the sound of broken glass

Indoor Motion Detection

Our motion detectors will trigger in the event that motion is detected. Don't worry about your pets, our motions are pet friendly.

Outdoor Motion Detection

Our outdoor detection devices provide advanced warnings when it detects motions of  intruders. They are pet safe to minimize false detection. upgrade your lighting to automate your outdoor lights to turn on when triggered

CO & Smoke Detection

Our smoke & CO detection  devices  can notify us of a smoke or CO alarm so we can alert you and the fire department even while you are away. Don't let this odorless gas kill you or your pets.  **CO and Smoke devices are sold separately. 

Mobile App Control

Our mobile app provides the most convenient lifestyle to control your security system and automation devices all from one app. Ask us why our app is among the best for your lifestyle. 

Automation Devices

2 -Way Voice Door Bell Camera

Our motion activated door bell will alert you when someone is at your front door. Talk to the from your phone even if your miles away. 

Remote Door Lock Control

Our Wave locks integrate with our app to allow you to lock and unlock your system remotely or with your  alarm user code 

Remote Thermostat Control

Our integrated thermostats provide remote  control of your thermostat through our application. Many customers use the smart scenes to save on their monthly energy cost

Sprinkler System Control

Turn your  sprinkler system into a smart device to control your sprinkler from your cell phone. This smart system provides technology to delay running your sprinklers in the event of a storm forecast

Remote HD Camera Surveillance

Our cameras provide remote access and storage of your video clips  for your convenience.Use your app to view your cameras even while you're miles away

Remote Lighting Control

Our light scene control offers the maximum convenience. Turn on & off your exterior lights automatically and/or using our app. 

Garage Door Control

DO you ever wonder if you  left  your garage door open? Our z-wave garage door controllers allow you to control your garage doors remotely. Even view the status if they are open or closed. 

Water Valve Shut Off

Leaving on a trip for an extended period of time and need to shut off your water to prevent a possible water leak? Use our Z Wave water valves to control your water remotely via our alarm app.

Flood & Temperature Sensor

Help protect against temperature fluctuations and flood conditions by using our flood and temperature detection sensors. Receive text notifications in the event of an alarm. 

Voice Activated Controllers

Amazon Echo

Use your voice to speak to your amazon echo and control your security system. *

Google Home

Use your voice to speak to your Google Home Device and control your security system. *

Apple Home Kit

Use  Siri to control your Lyric home security system . Add a compatible Apple TV device to control your system remotely with Siri. 

Alerts Notifications and Smart Scenes

Push & Text Alerts

Whether you want to  receive notifications when your kids get home from school or  any  alarm event Safelink Systems has you covered with event based alerts.  Receive push or text notifications based on events to your compatible cell phone.. 

Video Detection Alerts

Receive alerts based on motion detection of your camera system to give you advanced warnings directly to your smart phone.  See clips of your kids as they arrive home, or when someone is at your front door. 

Automate Lights

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Automate Thermostats

DO you wish you could remember to change the thermostat up or down prior to leaving the house all day? With our smart scenes and our safelink installed thermostats, we can automate your thermostat to change temperatures when you arm your system. Burglar Alarm System in Oklahoma City Burglar Alarm System in Edmond Alarm Monitoring in Oklahoma City

Motion Detection Alerts

Add motion detection devices to your system and schedule alerts to  be sent in the event of movement inside or outside of your home, Schedule a timeframe to not send the alerts in the event of high traffic times of the day based on your patterns. 

Sprinkler System TImer

Do you wish your sprinkler system knew when the forecast called for rain. Now they do  with our smart sprinkler system.  It can even delay your schedule in the event of a rain forecast. Schedule, cancel , and start your sprinkler from your mobile phone.